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Old goose hunting chairs become my fun backyard sun loungers!

sunloungers makeover

Our old barn had been a relative’s dumping ground for years before my grandparents’ 100 year old farm became mine. It was mostly trash but out of the darkness I spotted four old goose hunting chairs. Beneath the grime I saw they would make fabulous outdoor sun loungers for our backyard! With one quick stop at walmart for twin, outdoor table cloths and rustoleum spray paint in four different colors I was ready to transform them.

submitted by: Grandmas House DIY


  • Rustoleum spray paint in your chosen color
  • a bale of twine
  • outdoor table cloths


After cutting off the old fabric and giving the steel frame a good scrub and cleaning spray paint them entirely. Once their dry run the twin back and foreth around/over where the seat and back will be until you’ve created a solid supportive backing and seat with twine. Cut the table cloths to fit and then wrap the twine with the outdoor table cloths so the twin is completely covered, secure with more twin by cutting a hole in the table cloth. Enjoy!


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