How to Sew a Microwave Potato Bag

Sew a microwave bag for potatoes. Make baked potatoes in minutes!
Tutorial by: Becky Jorgensen


If waiting for 45 minutes to cook potatoes in the oven too long for you, make a microwave potato cooking bag and throw it in the microwave! This potato bag is so simple to sew up. A great project for your fat quarters and 45 minutes to yourself. You only need 2 fabrics- lining and outside each measuring 25″ X 11″.


  • 2 fabrics- lining and outside each measuring 25″ X 11″
  • 100% cotton batting (anything other will burn in the microwave!)
  • 100% cotton thread
  • sewing machine


1) Layer your three pieces -right sides facing and batting on the bottom

layering the pieces

2) Sew all the way around the pieces, leaving a 3″ opening for turning

3) Snip your corners to reduce bulk and turn right sides out

4) Iron the edges and push the points out

5) Sew all the way around the piece of fabric -close the opening with the stitching or by hand with the ladder stitch

finish stitching

6) Overlap the ends and pin in place– approx 2″ overlap

7) Flatten the bag, lining the overlap near the top of the bag

8) Sew the sides directly on top of the stitching from step 5

Now you can stuff you microwave potato bag with potatoes and start cooking! Yummy!

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