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Homemade Lego Gummies

Homemade Lego Gummies

Tutorial by: The King of Random


There is something so awesome about legos that very few people can resist. These homemade lego gummies are probably the most fun candy you can make at home! They’re a lot easier than you might imagine, too! Though it does take some waiting time for each step of the process.


Homemade Lego Gummies Instructions:

Note: Some commenters have said their gummies turn out sticky. Just cover and let sit and the stickiness dries.

How to make homemade lego gummies


  1. trevor Clark says

    Love the idea but… Lego a few years ago stopped a licensed lolly product similar to this. Reasonig it doesnt want to encourage small children to eat real Lego. I also have that fear. But maybe I am over cautious, Good luck.

  2. Ben says

    Love this, thanks for teaching. Just one question, i bought different types of packets, so could you please tell me the amount for each ingredient? Thanks so much!

    • Jackie says

      Amazon has many to choose from and they are pretty cheap, I ordered 6 different ones and they started at less than $3. One pack i bought had 6 trays with 12 molds in each. All 6 trays are different molds. Just search mini silicone molds. Hope this helps.

  3. Emily M says

    Sorry, phone konked out in the middle of comment. I made a batch of these yesterday and mine turned out quite sticky. They hold together very well and don’t break apart, just very sticky. Is that normal? If not, is there anything I should be doing differently? Thank you so much!

    • G'sMommy says

      I made a batch yesterday and when I removed them from the molds (after about 5 hours), mine were sticky too. However, I let them sit out on a plate (covered by another plate) overnight and the stickiness is gone. They turned out great.

  4. Jackie says

    My daughter found a similar photo of homemade gummies last week and asked me to try them so I jumped on Amazon and searched for mini silicone molds and they have many different shapes to choose from and they are cheap. I haven’t made them yet but that’s why I’m on here to get the recipe to make now.

  5. Angela says

    I made a few batches already and I experimented with putting them in the fridge and they came out even better. You don’t have to let them set for 5 hours. When you pour them into the molds treat it just like you made jello, and pop them in the fridge, mine set in the fridge in just 1HOUR! Instead of 5. And to get rideas of the sticky problems most of you are having….pop them out of the molds and put the into an air tight container and back in the fridge for 1-2 hours and the stickiness should be gone, if not put them back in. :) BEWARE! they are addicting

  6. Anne says

    I am looking for that big mold that you are holding that fits the lego building flat so these can be used to build with? Did you make yours? Did you find it somewhere? Do you make them to sell?

  7. Robin says

    honestly a real recipe written out would have been so very helpful so I could have done the math and made these without experimenting and guessing as to how much gelatin to add per ounce of jello!!!

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