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Elevated Dog Feeder

EASY: make your own DIY elevated dog feeder

Your dog shouldn’t have to eat off the floor! Make this super easy DIY elevated dog feeder! This is a really easy way to introduce yourself to a jigsaw. Definitely a beginner project!

submitted by: Tiffany McCauley


Make this elevated dog feeder from an old, wooden crate! 


  • Crate
  • jigsaw
  • compass with pencil
  • stamp and ink or paint of your choice
  • varnish or finishing coat


  1. Using an old crate, be sure it has a “shelf” in the middle. If it does not, you’ll want to add one for stability. Many old crates will already have these.
  2. Measure across the middle of your bowls and then subtract the width of the lip. This will give you the needed diameter of your bowls.
  3. Choose a blade with small teeth for your jigsaw. Especially if your wood is very soft.
  4. Once the circles had been cut out, the bowls fit quite nicely.
  5. Using an ink pad (or a shallow bowl of paint) and a stamp of your choosing, stamp or pain whatever design you’d like to have on your dog feeder.
  6. Finish with a coat of varnish or other finishing coat to protect from dirt and elements and dry completely.


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