DIY Watering Can

DIY Watering Can Tutorial
submitted by: Carisa


A recycled DIY Watering Can that is super kid friendly. Now you can get the little ones to help with watering the plants. By drilling the holes yourself, you can control the water flow so much better which means, no dripping!


1. Empty juice or milk jugs all cleaned out with paper removed… I like the ones that have the little indent that makes it easier to hold for little hands!

2. Drill/Drill bit or something sharp

3. Acrylic paints and sponges


The first step is drilling holes in the lid. This was super simple, we just set the lid onto a wood block so that when it poked through it wouldn’t cause any damage. Then drill the holes where you would like them.

The next step is painting!

Then just let it dry and it will be ready to use.


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