DIY Gift Idea: Marbled Print in a Gilded Frame

DIY Gift Idea: Marbled Print in a Gilded Frame
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We all know frames can be wildly expensive, but Colleen Pastoor cracked the code for making beautiful, gold marbled ones.
The best part is that this whole DIY (assuming you have the tools) is really inexpensive. But looks like it’s high end.


  • Marbled Art, ready to frame
  • Outside corner moulding (I used Hemfir 11/16”) which is sold by the foot in the trim section at hardware stores
  • Chop saw or hand saw with miter box
  • Super Glue (I used Gorilla Glue brand)
  • Masking tape or quality wash tape
  • Foam board with knife to cut to size
  • Gold spray paint
  • Liquid Gold Leaf and small paint brush
  • Glass or plexiglass and matt (either cut to size from a framing shop or salvaged from a thrift store frame)


1. The first thing you’ll need to do is create your art. Then measure it
2. When you know what size your art is, it’s time to get started on the frame. I sourced a piece of glass and matt from a thrift store frame- this is the most affordable way you’ll find these pieces! When you have your glass, you can use it to measure your corner moulding.
3. Mark the edges of your glass on your corner moulding. You’ll want your mitered cut to run right through this mark to ensure a snug fit. Use a chop saw or hand saw with metering box to make these cuts.
4. When your cuts look wonderful (we used a really sharp blade so I was able to skip sanding!), it’s time to glue them together.
5. Let your frame dry completely before removing the tape and giving the frame a good coat of gold spray paint.
6. When the spray paint is dry, it’s time to pull out the magic- the liquid gold leaf
7. Frame your artwork!


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