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DIY Citrus Salt Scrub Recipe

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Handmade bath and body products are a delight to gift, a treat to use, and so much fun to make! When you DIY your own beauty products you know exactly what the ingredients are and you can tailor the recipe to suit your unique preferences and tastes.This delightful DIY Salt Scrub combination of ingredients can be whipped up in just five minutes and is perfect for beginners. Enjoy!


5 4 oz. Plastic Bail Jars
24 oz. Fine Grained Dead Sea Salt
3 oz. Stephenson Liquid Soap Concentrate Base
1 oz. Olive Oil
2 Tbs. Lemon Peel
.5 tsp. Coral Mica
5 mL Grapefruit Essential Oil
4 mL 10x Orange Essential Oil


1.​In a large mixing bowl, add the fine grained Dead Sea salt. Add the Lemon Peel Powder and Coral Mica and stir until completely blended.
2.​In a small container, mix together the Stephenson Liquid Soap Concentrate, Olive Oil, Grapefruit Essential Oil, 10x Orange Essential Oil. The mixture will soon turn into a creamy, opaque color.
3.​Add the liquid soap mixture to the dry ingredients and stir until completely combined. If you prefer a more liquid scrub, feel free to add more Liquid Soap Concentrate or Olive Oil.
4.​Transfer the scrub into jars, using a spoon to press the scrub into the jar to fill completely. Enjoy! We recommend using this scrub on the hands, feet, and legs. Fine grained Dead Sea salt is a little bit harsh for the face.


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