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Crochet Pot Handle Cover Tutorial

Crochet Pot Handle Cover Tutorial
submitted by: Patchwork Posse


This is a crochet pot handle cover for the skillet! The crochet thread is a little more giving than fabric and less bulky and you can really make it customized to the pot handle.


Crochet Needle G

100% cotton crochet thread (polyester thread will melt and burn you- don’t use it!)


1) Twist your yarn so it overlaps the other and makes a loop- the loop will be on top of the yarn that is still attached to the ball.

2) Place your crochet hook inside the look and with your fingers pinch the bottom of the loop to make sure it stays- your needle will be coming up from the back of the loop. See where the loop is still crossing on top?

3) With your crochet hook- snatch the yarn and pull so it is in the hook.

4) Using the hook still, pull the yarn through the loop that is already on the hook- notice that there is now only one loop on the hook again.

5) Repeat hooking the yarn and pulling it through the loop on the hook for a total of 13 times.

6) Turn the hook, so you will now be stitching to the left (I believe this is opposite if you are left handed).

7) Insert your hook through 2 loops on the long row -closest to the hook -notice, 3 loops on the hook.

8) Snatch the yarn with the hook and pull it through the first two loops- now there are only 2 loops on the hook.

9) Snatch that loop closest to the hook and pull it through the last loop on the hook.

10) Repeat this process all the way down the row. You will still be doing this 13 times –same as the previous row.

11) Continue this process of crochet until your rectangle is around 5 1/2″ tall. You can make this a custom length depending on your handle and the size of your hand. A larger hand might need a larger covered area of the handle– so adjust this if needed.

12) Fold over the piece over, lining up the sides. You will now be stitching these together to make the handle. Slip your hook through one or two loops from either side.

13) Hook your thread and pull it through all the loops on the hook– you will end up with one loop on your hook.

4) Continue until you reach the end.

15) Move the back seam you just stitched to the middle of the handle.

16) Again insert your hook through a couple of loops from either side- hook the yarn and pull it through all the loops on the hook. Repeat until the end is totally closed.

17) Snip the yarn and pull through the loop.

18) Tie the starting yarn and this yarn in a square knot to secure.

19) Turn the handle right sides out– might be a little tricky, but it will do it.

20) Slip on handle and enjoy!


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