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Build a diy garden planter because: weeding sucks

submitted by: Grandma’s House DIY


I took an afternoon to build my wonderful mom a tall planter so she could have a vegetable garden on her deck. Gardens are known for endless hoeing and countless hours day in and day out bent over in back breaking work in the constant battle against weeds. Because we started with organic soil that we brought in we were already way ahead of any weeds or grasses that might try to take over our plants. (As opposed to tilling up a spot in our yard that would be chock full of thousands of different kinds of weeds and grass seeds) So far I can count on one hand the amount of minutes we’ve needed to weed this garden all year.


I built the entire planter out of leftover 2x4s and 3″ deck screws using my Dewalt impact driver. The steel was a leftover piece from our roof and can be bought at just about any lumber yard or home improvement store. This piece of steel was 6×4 feet so I built the planter to fit it.


Once the frame is built I sandwiched the steel between the 2x4s by adding another one on the inside to cover up the sharp edge of the steel. I also pounded about a hundred holes in the bottom of the steel for drainage, we then covered it with landscaping fabric before filling it with dirt.


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