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A radio stand converted into a red kitchen island

Turn a radio stand into a kitchen island
submitted by: Grandma’s House DIY


I knew all along I wanted a butcher block red kitchen island and I have also always wanted a book shelf in my kitchen for all of my recipe books and things so I got to work designing an island. It wasn’t very big and it was basically a small bookshelf on wheels that was a basic rectangle. I didn’t want to build it (I’m not a builder, I’m a recycler) so I was planning on probably finding something at the salvage yard. It took me so long to finally put two and two together *facepalm*. Not only was this radio stand almost exactly the same as I was designing, it’s better because it looks amazing from every angle. The very reason I was having so much trouble figuring out a function for it is what literally makes it perfect as my red kitchen island because now you can see it from every angle and use it too. Funny how things work out. I bought three cans of the red in the most affordable spray paint my local fleet store offered.


Red spray paint for the body of the radio stand. Depending on the piece of furniture that you’re using you may just be able to put the wheels right on the bottom of the feet. In this case though it just seemed a little too rickety to do that with so I used leftover 2x4s to connected the legs together and then covered with 1x3s of oak we had leftover from our countertops. It made the entire island very strong but it also gave us a handy shelf.


After cleaning the old radio stand I gave it two coats of basic water-base primer and then two coats of Rustoleum red spray paint.

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