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DIY Quilted Pillows

Getting new fabric in the mail is always exciting. And even more exciting when a friend sends you fabric they designed! I was so impressed when I got Dana’s newest fabric in the mail. Boardwalk Delight is seriously delightful. I asked her for some quilting cottons to make a quilt to go on my daughter’s bed. But then we got an amazing new YogaBed and it was queen sized so I didn’t have quite enough fabric to make the quilt I had intended. (You can see the headboard I made here.) But I’m still working on something fun. In the meantime, I made some DIY quilted pillows to go on the bed. Quilted ice cream pillows. They’re really darling.

Quilted pillows - Ice Cream Theme! Boardwalk Delight fabrics -

Each of the pillows have a quilted front. The ice cream pillow is quilted on both sides. The other pillows have an envelope back so the covers can be easily washed.

You can see the inside of the pillowcase is fully finished. I chose to serge the edges because the layers are a bit thick with the cotton batting, front of the quilting, back of the quilting and the back of the pillow. But a french seam or other finish would work as well.

DIY Quilted pillows -

The ice cream pillow was pretty free form. It’s one of a kind, that’s for sure. :)

The triangle pillow was easy to make as well. My corners aren’t perfect, but I’m not a quilter so that would take a bit more practice and patience. Thankfully, it’s just a pillow!

DIY quilted pillows - - Boardwalk Delight fabric

I should be able to finish my mini bed quilt and a duvet cover I have planned sometime before winter. Just after I finish the other 25 things on my to-do list!

If you’re loving these fabrics as much as I do, head over to Made Everyday to get more details about Dana’s fabric and where to buy some for yourself. Did I mention there are also knits?? Yes!


And don’t miss the rest of Dana’s fabric tour. I’ve seen some really darling things made from these fabrics!


  1. says

    Oh Andrea, these are all so fun! LOVE them! And especially that Ice Cream pillow :)
    Thank you for the kind words and thank you, thank you for playing along! I love being part of your notebook :)

  2. Julia Mary says

    These are so cute. If I had the fabrics I would use them to make placemats, a table runner and matching oversized napkins for when I have my “Make Your Own Sundae” parties. The placemats and table runners would be quilted to help soak up the ice cream and be sturdy enough to hold spilled toppings until shaking into the garbage can. Oversized napkins help protect more clothing areas especially if tucked in your collar and this fabric would make them that much more trendy.

  3. Jennifer says

    Oh my goodness! This is way too cute & im sure your daughter just loves it. My almost 7y old would go crazy over this. Adorable!

  4. Beth T. says

    These are such fun prints! My cousin’s daughter just moved into her first dorm room and I think these would be perfect for making a quilt-as-you-go bed cover, as well as some quirky pillows for her.

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