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DIY Pallet Projects for Everyone

14 DIY Pallet Projects

People LOVE making things with pallets. They’re free and companies are begging people to take them. Not much better than free supplies! Of course, some pallets are treated with gross stuff you’d never want to eat off of or bring into your house so make sure you do a little research first. For the most part, pallet projects are a little extra work but so much fun once you’re finished. I’ve rounded up some really fun DIY pallet projects anyone can make. Enjoy!

  1. Pallet Chair by Funkyjunk Interiors
  2. Rolling Pallet Coffee Table
  3. Hanging Pallet Swing
  4. Pallet Garden
  5. Wood Pallet Wall Rack by Knick of Time
  6. Succulent Pallet Table by Far Out Flora
  7. Pallet Wall by Mom and Her Drill
  8. Handy Pallet Tray with Handle by Lovely Greens
  9. Pallet Composter by Pallets Con Vida
  10. Pallet Bookshelf by Make With Love
  11. Pallet Walkway by Funkyjunk Interiors
  12. Pallet Top Desk by Thistlewood Farms
  13. Hanging Pallet Bed
  14. Hanging Pallet Chair


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