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DIY Charging Stations

The BEST charging station ideas!

Too many electronics to charge?? You need a charging station. You can buy some really cool ones but why buy when you can DIY? I’ve found some charging stations you’ll love. From super simple to a bit more complicated, there’s DIY charging stations for everyone. Click the link below each photo to get the instructions.

DIY charging station!

Make It And Love It used an old shampoo bottle to make this fantastic little mobile charging station. 

DIY charging station

Driven By Decor takes a mail station, drills a few holes and makes a genius little charging station.

DIY charging station ideas

The Kim Six Fix uses an old bread box as a charging station with a few DIY fixes.

DIY charging station ideas

Love to sew? Make this fabric charging station by Positively Splendid.

DIY charging station - shadow box!

Turn a shadow box into a charging station like Look What I Did.

Genius DIY charging station

Overflowing with devices? The Little Green Bean has a DIY solution.

Charging station ideas

Not into DIY? This Universal Charging Station is awesome.


Or maybe you just want to go simple? 6-Port USB Charging Station

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