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Day 1 KCWC: Lucy Tunic & Leggings

I'm joining in with the Kids Clothes Week Challenge over at Elsie Marley. I dug into the stash to make this Lucy Tunic top and Jeggings. I used this plaid cord for a messenger bag last Christmas and had never used it again. When I purchased this fabric I had intentions of using it for a front button up dress. I never made that dress but I think the Lucy Tunic is perfect for thie print.


I was lazy while sewing the buttons on and didn't bother to check where the pattern says to put them so they're a bit low bt this top still functions perfectly.

I lined the top with a hot pink fabric. I decided not to make it reversible by putting buttons on both sides because I don't want to see a hot pink tunic walking around my house. 

The leggings are one of the many, many pairs I've been making lately. This fabric was also from JoAnn's but I bought it more recently so you can probably still find it. It is very soft and comfortable.

My new Go To Leggings pattern will be out soon! You can count on lots of fun options.



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    “because I don’t want to see a hot pink tunic walking around my house” HAHAHA best reason ever! I don’t want to see lots of retina-destroying things walking around my house but my five year old just LOVES brights, hot pinks, neon greens, and the like. She gets it from my mother, lol. So it manages to sneak in there!

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