Crochet and Knit Hat Patterns for Boys

the best knit and crochet hat patterns for boys

Ready to knit or crochet a hat for a boy? Here are some great crochet and knit hat patterns for boys you’ll love! He’ll be so excited to receive these! They’re fun and cute and boyish. Each hat pattern is linked below the photo.

Adorable knit hat pattern

Pattern on Ravelry

Lots of hat patterns for boys! Knit, crochet & sew! Pattern by Tara Murray hat patterns for boys Pattern by Elizabeth Murphy Hat patterns for boys! Pattern on Andrea’s Notebook

Creeper hat pattern

Pattern on Five Speckled Eggs

Ninja Turtle crochet hat pattern

Pattern by Knottz of Yarn

Adorable knit hat pattern

pattern on Ravelry

hat pattern - FREE

pattern on Ravelry

dog crochet hat

Pattern by Repeat Crafter Me


  1. Kati says

    Not trying to stir the pot, but I gotta say, the hat patterns for “boys” thing really irks me. My 6 yr old daughter was a ninja turtle for Halloween and would LOVE one of those hats, the 3 yr old girl’s favorite character is Green Lantern, and my 2 yr old son asks for “Mia and Me” (fairy cartoon) every day for TV time. Gender doesn’t matter is all I’m saying. Rant over. Carry on. ;)

    REALLY cute hats btw :)

    • says

      Thanks for the comment Kati!

      I’m a bit confused. All clothing is labeled for boys and girls in a store. What’s the problem? My girls buy stuff in the boy department if they feel like it. My son never wants anything from the girl department. This is a list of hat patterns that don’t have flowers, ruffles or bows. I see no issue. To each her own.

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