Comfy Sewing Projects with Sewtorial

Slow Sewing and Comfy Sewing Projects on Sewtorial

Sewing is not only a creative outlet, but it’s also a convenient and practical way to make essential items without having to go to the store to buy them; but this last week we looked at the other side of sewing—the slow sewing movement and comfy sewing projects for your enjoyment.

Our Favorite Comfy Projects

  1. The Slow Sewing Movement (What is it?)
  2. DIY Sleep Mask
  3. Linen Tunic Tutorial
  4. Beginner Blanket
  5. Add Lace to Shorts
  6. Hot and Cold Pack
  7. Make Your Own Slippers

At Sewtorial we search high and low for the best sewing tutorials around the net. Stop by daily for free patterns, sewing tips and more from your favorite designers and bloggers. 

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