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Clothing Sew Along: Week 3

Welcome to week three of the Sew Along

Well, we've learned how to sew a straight line. We've picked out patterns, fabric and cut them out, now it is time to start sewing them together! But first, will you check out my birthday wish?

This week I'll take you through my pattern instructions, hopefully this will be helpful to you in your pattern. I always make stupid mistakes while putting garments together. I just use my seam ripper to take out the seams I mess up. It is frustrating but no big deal. I was going to make a video about how to use the seam ripper but found a rather decent, if a little annoying You Tube video that will do the trick.

Now, onto my instructions! I decided that they were long enough to warrant a PDF so they didn't take up so much of my blog. So, go ahead and Download Clothing Sew Along Week 3 instructions.

What are you sewing? I started a Flickr group so you can post in progress pictures and final pictures if you'd like! I'll be posting pictures there hopefully later today. In the mean time, I posted some pictures last week.

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