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Change is coming.

You may have noticed the blog got a little face lift recently. It’s had a bit of an identity crisis. Who is it? What does it do? Is it a sewing blog? Is it a lifestyle blog? Is it a craft/hobby blog? It still doesn’t fully know but it’s got my name on it now. Up there. At the top.
I’m planning to blog a little more. Not only sewing. Maybe some more recipes, lifestyle/fashion/decor stuff and probably a little bit more “me”. We’ll start with this. This is what I’ve been doing recently.
I’m still on vacation, visiting family, with the kids. We’ve had Puget Sound beach days, sleepovers with cousins (see them march across the field!), and lots of fun on the farm with Grandpa. Oh, and I’m working on some fun #alphabetcollection clothes for Pattern Anthology! Thanks to Girl Charlee for sponsoring those fun fabrics.



All in all, good things are coming. Now that Google Reader is no more there are still plenty of ways to follow along with this train to crazy. 


Pinterest, where I pin most posts.


Feedly. Easy to add any blogs you’d like to keep up with.

Follow on Bloglovin

Bloglovin’. This is the new blog reader I use.

Facebook. I like to post on facebook so if you care to get updates that way make sure that once you’ve “like” the page you hover over the “Like” button on the page and select the “show in news feed” option so facebook will actually show you my posts. I try not to spam you with tons of posts so don’t worry about that.

I’m here every day. You can find me at TheTrainToCrazy on Instagram. You’ll be able to get better glimpses into what I’m up to and what I’m creating. If I’m creating.

Twitter is where I rerun feeds from facebook and instagram and occasionally I post useful links and comments. I always tweet my new posts so you can find them here as well.

Google Plus — I’m trying to remember to post on Google Plus. It is all new to me.

And, finally, you can subscribe to the weekly newsletter. I’ve been bad about sending it lately so you’re likely to get it every couple weeks. I link to the best of the blog posts and inform you of any new patterns or free patterns I have. It’s pretty unobtrusive and I think you’ll enjoy it if you enjoy the blog! Sign up HERE.

Follow The Train To Crazy by weekly newsletterSo, that’s it. Changes coming. Follow along.

I’m finally making my cross country move next week and I’m so excited to see my new house for the first time! I can’t wait to share it with you!

P.S. I’ve gotten back into the sidebar sponsor game. I’ve lowered my rates and I’m excited to introduce Emmaline Bags as my first sponsor! Go check out her bag making supplies and patterns! If you’re interested in sponsoring the blog please sign up here. It’s only $10/month so that’s about $30-50 below industry standard. Hard to beat!

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