This post was first published August 5, 2008. Since we are back in the signing stage I thought I'd publish it again!  So, if you have met me, or my kids, you know that we sign. Not fluently, mind you, but we do sign. I am a big believer in teaching your kids to sign.

More ideas for 25 Days

Now that you have some free ways to show kindness to others for your 25 Days of Giving, here are some not so free ideas. Please remember that one of the goals of giving is to include your child so if you are sending money to an organization that might not connect with them emotionally.

Organizing our 25 Days

We've started lining up our activities for the 25 Days of Giving. I'd like to encourage you to join us. This doesn't have to be a difficult, expensive endeavor. There are many, many ways you can teach your children about how to show kindness and love to others without spending a dime. To get your

25 Days of Giving

When I began parenting, I was challenged by some people to have goals for my children. These aren't the kind of goals that have to do with "success" or money or college educations, but goals about their character. I was challenged to think about what kind of people I wanted my children to become.  We

So I bought a new book

I thought it only fitting that I confess I bought a new book. After all this, I bought a book. Well, 2 books. Of course one was Bend the Rules with Fabric. I couldn't resist buying it right away. I've scanned the whole thing and I must say I'm excited to try some of the

Teaching an 18 month to 3 year old

**Let me preface this post by saying my intention for posting this is not to cause your heart to beat faster or wonder if you are doing "enough" or think your kid is abnormal because he can't do these things. Children learn at different paces. These are just things you can work on teaching, don't

My all time favorite toys for babies

It is no secret that babies don't need a lot of toys. In fact, you may already own many of these items.  0-6 Months:  Something easy to hold, transfer between hands and chew on. We have these rings. I think they only cost a few dollars in the store. Handy for keeping track of toys

More about flying: What NOT to bring on the plane

Since I already covered the how to stay sane while flying with children, how about I give you all the best and worst ideas about what to bring on the plane to entertain them? Bad ideas: playdough for children who don't really know how to play with playdough. If the extent of their play includes