The Easiest Way To Put On A Duvet Cover

Put a duvet inside a duvet cover in under a minute!

I absolutely hate putting a duvet inside a duvet cover. It’s frustrating and time consuming. Then I found this method by the Crazy Russian Hacker. It’s amazing! Learn how to put on a duvet cover in under a minute! Just lay your duvet cover and duvet out flat on your bed to do this if

How to Scramble an Egg Inside The Shell


What?? This is completely amazing! Learn how to scramble an egg inside the shell! These scrambled hard boiled eggs are so cool! Gather Supplies: Long sleeved shirt yarn raw egg plastic bag Watch the video above to learn how to scramble an egg while it’s still inside the shell. What a fun way to make

How to Peel an Egg the Easiest Way

How to peel an egg in just seconds!!

How to peel an egg the easiest way Whether you hate peeling eggs or you’re just tired of all the time it takes you’ll love this method. With a glass of water and a hard boiled egg (or two) you can learn how to peel an egg the easiest way in just seconds. No chipping and

Amazing Kitchen Tips & Hacks You’ll Be Glad to Know

how to juice a lime

Need to peel garlic quickly, slice tomatoes in 2 seconds, cool a six pack in 2 minutes or amaze your friends? I love finding new kitchen hacks. Here are some amazing kitchen tips and hacks you’ll love learning! How to Separate an Egg How to Juice a Lime (It’s Different Than a Lemon) How to Cool a

40 sewing hacks & tips you need to know!

I’ve gathered 40 sewing tips & hacks that may make your life easier. These sewing hacks are great for increasing your skills, speeding up your process or just keeping things better organized! Sewing hacks & tips: Iron a hem Installing zipper tricks Lengthen or shorten anything Lined invisible zipper technique Bias tape hack Use elastic

Tips for pre-washing fabric

5 fabric washing tips

Pre-washing fabric is one of those things that everyone knows is important but so many people dread because the fabric comes out of the dryer in a tangled, wrinkled mess. Never fear, it doesn’t have to be that way! I’ve found the best tips that I’ve tried and love. 1. Put the fabric in the

Keep Scissors Sharp

Great hacks to keep scissors sharp

Frustrated that your scissors are going dull? Keeping fabric scissors sharp is so important for, crisp, clean lines in your fabric! Here are some tips to make sure you keep scissors sharp. 1. Only use for scissors for fabric. Might I suggest this: 2. Wipe your scissors down gently with a clean, dry cloth after each

Grade a Sewing Pattern Larger or Smaller

How to grade a pattern larger or smaller to fit you perfectly! 3 different techniques.

Love a pattern but it doesn’t fit your size?? No fear! You can grade a sewing pattern up or down to fit you. Here are 3 experts in the field sharing how to do this from a simple way to the technically correct way. How to make a pattern larger or smaller: has so