How to fold a shirt in under 2 seconds


Every now and then you run into a new way of doing things that amazes you. It makes you simultaneiously wonder how anyone ever figured it out and why you’ve never heard of it. That’s how you’ll feel with this shirt folding technique. This is unbelievable. Do you think it is possible to fold a shirt in under two seconds?

Best Online Knit Fabric Sources


One of the most common questions I get currently is “Where can I buy good knit fabric online?” Fortunately for you I know many of the best places to buy knit fabric! Kitschy Coo— Wide variety of novelty knits – high quality- shipped from the U.K.— Wide variety of cotton and synthetic knits. You

Black & White

Back when dark rooms were necessary, I loved spending time in one. Black and white photography can be so beautiful. Of course now anyone can turn out a great black and white photo with a little photo editing. There are a few secrets to success, however, just like with color photography. Here are a few

Daphne Dress Sew Along

UPDATE: You can now find the Daphne Dress pattern here Is this not one of the cutest dresses you've ever seen? This is "The Daphne Dress" and we'll be making it together in August because it is time for another sew along!! <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a> This is the EASIEST sew along ever!

Too large shirt to maternity shirt

I found a really cute shirt at Target today. I bought it a couple sizes too big to accommodate that growing baby. The problem with shirts that are a couple sizes too big is that there is too much room under the armpits and the chest. This was my simple solution. Just a few rows

Editing Photos

Do you like to take pictures and wish you could make yours look "professional"? Of course having a good camera and taking good pictures in the first place is a great idea but if you can't get that done, try a little photo editing. is a great FREE online photo editor. This is a

We move. A lot

Have you moved a lot in your life? I lived in 4 houses from the time I was born until I graduated from High School. I never had to change schools. I really appreciated that. Since I graduated from college I have moved 11 times. In 10 years. We've been married nearly 7 years and

The Bedtime Routine

I've been rolling this idea through my head for a few months now. A nightly checklist for my girls to "check off" at bedtime. I think it will eliminate some of the resistance and whining we sometimes encounter. I am not an artist (obviously), but I drew this.  I plan to have the girls color