Social Media Friends: Instagram

It’s Social Media Friends Monday! This weekly event features a social media platform and gives bloggers and blog readers the chance to find new, interesting people to follow while gaining new followers! Today we’re talking about Instagram!

Social Media Friends: Pinterest

It's Monday! Weeks one and two of Social Media Friends were so successful. THANK You! I love that so many of you are enjoying this link up! This week we are talking about Pinterest.  Why do you want to follow more people on Pinterest? The more people you follow, the greater chance you have of

Social Media Friends: Facebook

If you blog you've probably wondered if you should have a facebook page. The answer really isn't simple but if you do have a facebook page this is the place to be. Today on Social Media Friends we'll be linking up our facebook fan pages so everyone else can follow along. Considering starting a fan

Social Media Friends: Twitter

Welcome to our first edition of Social Media Friends, the link party to increase your fan base! Meet new people to follow and get new followers! This week we’re talking about twitter! Want to know more about twitter? Start here.

How can I make my blog grow?

I get this question a lot! I’ve been blogging for 5 years and I can tell you it isn’t easy! Increasing blog traffic and followers can take years and feel like you’re spinning your wheels. There are good ways to speed up the process though and this year I want to help! Here’s my answer!