Knits and stitches: everything you need to know


The following is sponsored by Girl Charlee. Sewing knits can be mysterious. don’t be intimidated! While every sewing machine handles knits a bit differently, there are some universal tips that will help you get the best results. Let’s talk about what stitch you should use on your sewing machine. I think it’s good to note

Choosing Fabric for Children’s Clothing


Choosing fabric for children’s clothing can be tricky. The fabrics available in many local stores lend themselves well to quilting and home decor but often not clothing, especially for children. Left with few option, most home sewists turn to quilting cotton. This can work great for structured dresses or ruffly skirts but not for other garments, especially pants and tops.
When looking for fabrics for children think about the drape and weight. When shopping online, check their suggestions for the fabric. If it says it suggests the fabric to be used for home decor, skip it.

Teaching sewing

My girls have always been fascinated with sewing. They began begging to learn at an early age. Not a surprise, of course! Now they love it so much I want my machine back! Teaching litle kids isn't as daunting as it seems! First teach safety. Yada yada. Next teach how to raise and lower the

Sewing Stripes Tutorial

Sewing stripes can be intimidating. I brought up the subject on Facebook last week and many of you said stripes were out of your league. It is true, stripes can be fussy and the thought of lining them up sometimes makes my head spin but with these tips you'll find it is very doable and

Tutorial: how to turn a narrow fabric tube

Some things seem simple. I have spent more time in my life doing simple things, like turning a tube of fabric right side out, than I care to remember. Because what is little and simple turns out to be neither. It can be infuriating if you're just working with your hands. I broke down one

Using Freezer Paper to cut out patterns {a tutorial}

Welcome to The Train To Crazy! If you find this tutorial useful I hope you'll subscribe, follow me on twitter, facebook or Google+! Don't forget to check out Make It Wear It, the weekly blog party to showcase all those clothing items and accessories you've been making. I find that using Freezer Paper when sewing

Reader Question: How difficult are Japanese Pattern books to follow?

I get this question all the time. The short answer is; it depends. It depends on the book, it depends on your experience, it depends on how much of an adventure seeker you are.  Japanese pattern books are not for you if: You want a pattern that walks you through how to make a garment.

Reader Question: How do you make a swimsuit?

After showing you the swimsuits I made, many of you asked me how to make a swimsuit. I'm pretty sure I'm not the person to ask. After all, I did a trial and error method. There are a few tips to having success though, so here's my advice. Start with a pattern or an old