Learn how to sew a flat felled seam

how to sew flat felled seams

this post uses affiliate links A flat felled seam is the best seam to use when you want to encase the raw edges and make a really strong seam. Flat felled seams are easy to sew and will make your projects withstand more use and wear and tear than a regular seam. How to sew

Genius tips for how to sew a french seam

Learn how to sew a french seam!

French seams are a great way to finish the inside seams of a garment! Learn how to sew a french seam with one of these great tutorials. French seams will encase the raw edges of a seam so the inside is nearly as pretty as the outside! This is a much loved method by couture

Tips for pre-washing fabric

5 fabric washing tips

Pre-washing fabric is one of those things that everyone knows is important but so many people dread because the fabric comes out of the dryer in a tangled, wrinkled mess. Never fear, it doesn’t have to be that way! I’ve found the best tips that I’ve tried and love. 1. Put the fabric in the

Fabric washing guide

How to wash fabrics. A great guide!

How many times have you forgotten to check the fabric bolt to see the washing instructions for your fabric? You know the type of fabric but aren’t sure if you should hand wash or dry clean. Here’s a simple guide to washing your fabric. Of course, it’s best to read the label to know for

Knits and stitches: everything you need to know


The following is sponsored by Girl Charlee. Sewing knits can be mysterious. don’t be intimidated! While every sewing machine handles knits a bit differently, there are some universal tips that will help you get the best results. Let’s talk about what stitch you should use on your sewing machine. I think it’s good to note

Choosing Fabric for Children’s Clothing


Choosing fabric for children’s clothing can be tricky. The fabrics available in many local stores lend themselves well to quilting and home decor but often not clothing, especially for children. Left with few option, most home sewists turn to quilting cotton. This can work great for structured dresses or ruffly skirts but not for other garments, especially pants and tops.
When looking for fabrics for children think about the drape and weight. When shopping online, check their suggestions for the fabric. If it says it suggests the fabric to be used for home decor, skip it.

More great sewing hacks & tips

Amazing invisible zipper technique

More great sewing hacks & tips! Make continuous bias tape – No Big Dill Use cone thread with this simple hack – Martha Stewart How to use a bodkin – The Sewing Loft 5 tips for washing fabric – Andrea’s Notebook Learn how to use elastic thread – Ruffles & Stuff Printable bias tape maker

More sewing hacks & tips

More great sewing hacks & tips: An easy way to add seam allowance to a pattern that doesn’t include it – SewMcCool Sew buttons on with a machine! I do this. So quick and easy. – Sew4Home Keep your patterns from shifting all over – Burda Style Don’t lose your scissors! – Feather’s Flights Use