Simple leather tablet case tutorial

Leather tablet cover

This post is part of the Home Sewn Series at    Chances are you own a tablet of some sort. Whether it’s an iPad or a Kindle Fire or some other tablet. And chances are you take it with you places by throwing it into your handbag. If you’ve got 15 minutes you can

20 DIY pencil pouch tutorials

10 pencil pouch tutorials: Knotted zipper pouch tutorial by see kate sew Zipper girl by Lia’s Creative Space Felt pencil case on Martha Stewart Toilet roll pencil case by onelmom Personalized pencil pouch by Rae Gun Ramblings DIY cylinder pencil case by Ikat Bag on Sew Mama Sew Pompom pencil case by Shop Ruche Capri Sun

Sewing for MEN: inspiration & what YOU made


I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this Sewing For Men week but I’m so happy about the outcome! Monday’s button up shirt, Tuesday’s bike jersey, Wednesday’s reversible pajama pants and Thursday’s zip fly shorts were all so fun! Thank you to those of you who added things to the flickr pool! There aren’t

Sewing for Men: Man Shorts

When I decided to sew something for my husband I considered something simple. Perhaps a tie. But I've made him one of those and he never wore it. And I already made him pajamas a few years ago. He still wears those a lot. Then I considered athletic shorts. But I didn't feel like searching

Sewing for Men: After Dinner Pants (aka. pajamas)

Today we have the wonderful Rachael from Imagine Gnats joining us for Sewing For Men! Thanks Rachael! ***** hello, train to crazy readers! rachael here, and i’m so happy to be sharing my sewing for men project: after-dinner pants! you might know them as pajamas, but doesn’t after-dinner pants sound so much fancier? and we’re

Sewing for Men: Men’s Cycling Jersey

Of all the things that I’ve made over the last decade or so (and there have probably been hundreds), I’ve made only three things specifically for my husband. I blame this on the fact that I was probably a bit put off when Ben accidentally destroyed the very first thing that I made for him – a knit hat made out of some ridiculously expensive Italian merino yarn that he accidentally threw in in the washing machine thereby shrinking it up to about the size of a yarmulke. Needless to say it was years before I made him something again and when I finally got around to it I was much smarter.

Sewing for Men: Men’s Button Up Shirt

Welcome to the Sewing for Men Series! Kicking us off is Melissa from Melly Sews with this wonderful men’s button up shirt! It’s perfect and she wants to know if you want the pattern for it. Read on!

Sewing for MEN: a miniseries

I'm very excited for this week. We're kicking of a special Sewing for MEN series. Four bloggers sewing for our husbands. If you google "sew for men" or search on Pinterest you won't find much. So we're going to create content! We're sewing for men. And we want you to join us. Read on… This