Tunisian Crochet Projects


Have you been introduced to Tunisian crochet?? It’s amazing!! I simply love the look of these! I’ve found a bunch of tutorials and instructions for you to learn. I can’t wait to try some of these. Tunisian crochet basics Tutorial by Purl Bee Simple Tunisian Crochet video for beginners Video by Happy Berry Simple and gorgeous

3 Fun Hairstyles for Thin, Fine or Straight Hair

Great hair tutorials for thin or straight hair.

Check out these fun hairstyles for thin, fine or straight hair. Jealous of all those great hair tutorials with thick ponytails and luscious curls? Well here’s something for you!  1. The “oh I just threw my hair up and it’s still super cute” look. tutorial found at His Little Lady 2. Amazing beachy waves with

70+ Gorgeous Things to Sew for Home

10 gorgeous pillow tutorials you have to see!

Get your sewing machine running! Here are over 70 tutorials for things to sew for home! Can’t sew? Don’t worry, some of these are no-sew projects as well. Start decorating your home with your own unique style! Here are 7 different categories of home DIY projects you’ll want to check out. Just click the link in

25 Things to Sew for the Kitchen

25 things to make and sew for your kitchen!

I’ve found so many amazing tutorials for things you can make and sew for the kitchen! From potholders to tea towels, coasters and more you’ll love these tutorials. Click the link under each photo to go to the original tutorial. Sew a potholder potholder tutorial by Miss Mary’s Sewing Classes  potholder tutorial by Nana Company

3 Arm Knitting Tutorials

Arm knitting tutorials

Arm knitting is the simplest way to learn how to knit! You won’t believe how easy making a blanket with this technique is! Check out these arm knitting tutorials by Simply Maggie for a scarf, blanket and ear warmers. You’ll get hooked! 1. The simplest arm knitting scarf tutorial source 2. 45 minute arm knitting

STOP Sibling Rivalry

STOP sibling rivalry. A must read post.

If you have more than one child in your home you’ve probably pondered the sibling rivalry issue. Sibling fighting a jealousy usually begins after the birth of the second child and continues all through childhood. Thankfully there are things you can do to minimize and stop sibling rivalry and encourage a kind, loving relationship between

Gluten Free Breakfast Options

DELICIOUS! 8 gluten free breakfasts you'll love!

So you’re gluten free and missing your old breakfast habits? The good news is if you want to substitute gluten free for your old standby meal there are great substitutions! You can once again enjoy pancakes, waffles and other savory and sweet breakfast meals!  Note: This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase something