20 ways to make clothes last longer

20 tips to help you extend the life of clothes!

  It’s back to school time and you’re dreading buying new school wardrobes? Don’t!! Here are 20 ways to make clothes last longer!! Too short pants? No problem? T-shirt to snug? No biggie! Dress too short? Not an issue! Sweater too tight? Fixable! 20 ways to make clothes last longer Make pants longer. – Makeit-Loveit.com

Creative flooring ideas

10 creative flooring ideas to DIY

Save money on flooring by thinking outside the box! Here are 10 creative flooring ideas to get you started on your gorgeous DIY floors! Paper bag floors?? Whoa. This has a really cool looking finish. I never would have thought to finish floors with brown paper. Learn how at Chaotically Creative. Dramatic floor stencils over

15 zucchini recipes

15 delicious zucchini recipes for dinner! AndreasNotebook.com

It’s that time of year where gardeners are frantically trying to give away their excess zucchini. My mom makes dozens of loaves of zucchini bread and freezes them. She even freezes some zucchini to use for later. There are also so many great ways to each zucchini that don’t require adding sugar and turning it

How to patch a hole in your pants

DIY knee patch ideas

Mending or a hole in your pants doesn’t have to be ugly! There are so many fun ideas out there to patch a hole. Here are some properly mended pants as well as some super silly mending.  Best ways to patch a hole in your pants Do some handstitching: Hand stitched fun from Boostitch Cute knee

Sewing hacks & tips you need to know!

I’ve gathered 40 sewing tips & hacks that may make your life easier. These sewing hacks are great for increasing your skills, speeding up your process or just keeping things better organized! Sewing hacks & tips: Use a double needle without a second spool holder – Make It Love It Use binder clips as an

DIY tank top from t-shirt tutorials

DIY tank tops

Cut your oversized t-shirt into a tank top! No sewing required! Just grab your favorite big t-shirt and some scissors! These DIY tank top tutorials are perfect for working out, the beach or just hanging out. DIY tutorial by Love Maegan Tutorial by DIY Damsels  Tutorial by The Reluctant Stylista Tutorial by Urban People DIY

Sewing for home!

Home sewing tutorials & inspiration! Follow this pinterest board!

Love to sew for your home? Whether it’s pillows, organizers, curtains, aprons, towels or more this is the place to follow! Follow the Home Sewing Pinterest Board. Follow Andrea Pannell on Pinterest!