Messenger Bag Sew Along Part 4

This is the final installment of the messenger bag sew along tutorial. When you have completed the next few steps your bag will look like this. Are you ready to sew your own now? I think this Robert Kaufman print would make a great messenger bag! Click here for Part 4 of the sew along.

Messenger Bag Sew Along Part 3

At this point in the sew along you have completed steps 1 through 6 of the messenger bag. If you need to catch up check out part 1 and part 2. Step 7: Sew Side Pockets Pin right sides of a lining piece C and an outside piece C together. Sew along the top, longer

Messenger Bag Sew Along Week 2

There is still time to join in! Check out Week 1 of the sew along where we gathered supplies. Of course, you can always finish at your own rate! It is now time to cut our fabric and get started sewing! When you are finished with today's portion you'll have completed this: Yay! Now hop

Messenger Bag Sew Along Week 1

Let the fun begin! Are you ready to sew a Messenger bag?? Nervous about sewing something complicated like a bag? New to sewing? Just want to have fun with us? Join along! This week we'll talk about selecting fabrics and gathering your supplies. Buy your pattern from Keyka Lou here When you purchase the pattern you

Coming Soon… Messenger Bag Sew Along

The holidays are coming… Did your blood pressure just rise? Does your shopping list look something like this: mom, grandma, daughter, son, partner, sister, niece, mailman, school teachers, soccer coach, secretary Because if it does, you'll love this. Join us in sewing a Keyka Lou Messenger Bag. If you've never joined a sew along, it is easy. Just gather the pattern and supplies then sew right