Little Cap Sew Along Day 3

  Making the Little Cap is really easy, right? Please add your photos to the Flickr group so we can see what you've made! Are you interested in making a smaller cap for babies? Interested in seeing another little change I made? Jump on over to the Day 3 Instructions. The kids are starting swim

Little Cap Sew Along Day 2

I intended (or hoped) to make another cap last night because some of my pictures are sorely lacking for the sew along. I didn't do it though. I've declared this vacation week around here. We'll be swimming and reading and doing a bit of math and spelling but that's about it!  This is the lovely

Little Cap Sew Along Day 1

The Little Cap Sew Along is finally here! This is such an easy project, it hardly needs a sew along, but it's fun to make things with others, isn't it? I'll also be showing you some pattern variations including size variations. So, are you ready to join in? If you haven't bought your pattern yet,

The little cap that started it all

I've made 5 Little Caps to date. This is the one that started it all. I made it just like the example on the pattern. I love the little argyle. She calls it "Maggie's hat" and she's been sad to be separated from it for the last month. Our boxes are being delivered to our

September is Sewing for Baby Month

Welcome to Sewing for Baby Month!! I hope you'll enjoy my pattern reviews, giveaways, tutorials, sew alongs, guest bloggers and roundups! There is a full month ahead! Subscribe in a reader so you don't miss anything! Grab the button to share on your blog. Want to join in the Little Cap Sew Along?  <a href="" target="_blank"><img