Finding inspiration: sew for home

I love how pillows can change a room. Pillows are so easy to sew and make such a big impact. I'd love any of these rooms. We don't actually have pillows anywhere because they'd just be thrown on the floor constantly and that drives me nuts. But I can dream of a day…

Finding inspiration: gifts to sew

I love quick little sewing projects. I wish I thought further in advance to make said quick little projects as gifts. Here are a few tutorials I love if you want to learn how to make them. (you do)

Finding inspiration: Thanksgiving

It's time to move on to Thanksgiving here in the U.S. Here's a little something to get your creative energy flowing.

Eye Candy. For those who sew.

A little love for beauty around the web. Lovely. Things to sew.   Source: via Laura on Pinterest Source: via Sarah on Pinterest Source: via Kris on Pinterest