12 Colorful Fabric Scrap Tutorials


Do you have some fabric scraps sitting around? These great tutorials will inspire you to pull them out today and get creative! These color fabric scrap tutorials are quick and simple! tutorial on My Poppet tutorial by Jillian in Italy tutorial on Crafty Stylish tutorial on Mod Podge Rocks tutorial on Silly Old Suitcase tutorial

The best ways to store fabric


Folding and storing fabric is ideal, though if you’re like me your fabric rarely looks so organized and pretty. Here are 9 ways to store fabric that will leave your sewing space looking organized and beautiful! Use skirt hangers to hang your fabric. Keeps it folded nicely and out of the way! Use bookshelves to

Tips for pre-washing fabric

5 fabric washing tips

Pre-washing fabric is one of those things that everyone knows is important but so many people dread because the fabric comes out of the dryer in a tangled, wrinkled mess. Never fear, it doesn’t have to be that way! I’ve found the best tips that I’ve tried and love. 1. Put the fabric in the

Fabric washing guide

How to wash fabrics. A great guide!

How many times have you forgotten to check the fabric bolt to see the washing instructions for your fabric? You know the type of fabric but aren’t sure if you should hand wash or dry clean. Here’s a simple guide to washing your fabric. Of course, it’s best to read the label to know for

Quick, easy Valentine’s Day gift


Life gets busy and hectic but making a sweet gift is easy and doesn’t have to be laborious to be cute. ¬†With just a few chocolate bars, a fabric scrap and some ribbon you can give something they’ll love. I can think of a lot of teachers who would love this Valentine’s Day gift. Serging

Elementary Style

holly trousers (9 of 14)

Making and sewing DIY clothes and accessories for school aged kids can be tricky. Most are no longer interested in frilly dresses with  novelty prints. Choosing fabric and patterns can be tough and sometimes you sew for hours only to have a less than enthusiastic recipient. You can see my Top 10 Tips for Cho0sing

Choosing Fabric for Children’s Clothing


Choosing fabric for children’s clothing can be tricky. The fabrics available in many local stores lend themselves well to quilting and home decor but often not clothing, especially for children. Left with few option, most home sewists turn to quilting cotton. This can work great for structured dresses or ruffly skirts but not for other garments, especially pants and tops.
When looking for fabrics for children think about the drape and weight. When shopping online, check their suggestions for the fabric. If it says it suggests the fabric to be used for home decor, skip it.

Sewing school clothes


The Alphabet Collection by Pattern Anthology is a pure genius collection of Back to School unisex sewing patterns. You’re sure to love these!