How to Flag Fold Grocery Bags

This. Is. Awesome. How to flag fold a grocery bag in 10 seconds.

Tired of messy grocery bags shoved under your sink or in a grocery bag holder? This is so easy! Do a quick flag fold so the bags are easy to grab and ready to go when you need them! Watch the video to learn how to flag fold grocery bags. How to flag fold grocery

DIY Charging Stations

TONS of DIY charging station ideas

Too many electronics to charge?? You need a charging station. You can buy some really cool ones but why buy when you can DIY? I’ve found some charging stations you’ll love. From super simple to a bit more complicated, there’s DIY charging stations for everyone. Click the link below each photo to get the instructions.

Homemade Lotion Bars

How to make your own lotion bars - EASY

Lotion bars are great for your skin! Need something natural to combat the dry skin or eczema? These homemade lotion bars are definitely easy to make and your skin will love you. You can make a whole batch of lotion bars to save for the year or give as gifts! I know I’d love to

How to Hide All the Ugly Things in Your House

Hide all the ugly things in your house!

Hide all the eyesores in your house by disguising them or covering them up! I’ve found 10 different “ugly” areas that almost everyone deals with . I hope you love these ideas! Now you can hide all the ugly things! Tutorials and links below each photo. 1. Hide your printer PBJ stories has this tutorial.

Santa Hat Patterns


Looking for Santa hat patterns? I’ve found crochet, knit & fleece patterns for kids, adults and a doll! Just scroll through to see which you prefer. Each hat has a tutorial linked below the photo. Enjoy! Get the pattern at CreatiKnit. Pattern from Fleece Fun. Pattern from Ashlee Marie. Pattern HERE. Knit baby Santa hat

Snowflake Templates

100+ snowflake ideas!

It’s time to make some winter snowflakes! You can just “wing it” or use some of these templates as inspiration for fancy snowflakes! You’ll love all of these. You can cover all your windows with these! Grab some paper and scissors and you’re ready for fun. Start out by learning how to fold and cut

10 Mocktail Recipes

10 mocktail recipes

Are you ready to celebrate something special? Here are 20 mocktail recipes you’ll love drinking. These are perfect for a baby shower, birthday party, girls’ night out, New Years Eve or any special occasion when you want to leave the alcohol out of your cocktail. Kids will love these! 10 Mocktail Recipes Chocolate Mock-tini Coat

Rum Balls Recipe

Rum Balls recipe - Joy of Baking

Looking for a chocolate candy treat to bring to your neighbor’s party this year? This Chocolate Rum Balls recipe looks so good and very easy to make! These are NO BAKE and quick to create. Use your favorite toppings to finish them. The Joy of Baking has a great video tutorial to show you how