Creative flooring ideas

10 creative flooring ideas to DIY

Save money on flooring by thinking outside the box! Here are 10 creative flooring ideas to get you started on your gorgeous DIY floors! Paper bag floors?? Whoa. This has a really cool looking finish. I never would have thought to finish floors with brown paper. Learn how at Chaotically Creative. Dramatic floor stencils over

How to patch a hole in your pants

DIY knee patch ideas

Mending or a hole in your pants doesn’t have to be ugly! There are so many fun ideas out there to patch a hole. Here are some properly mended pants as well as some super silly mending.  Best ways to patch a hole in your pants Do some handstitching: Hand stitched fun from Boostitch Cute knee

DIY tank top from t-shirt tutorials

DIY tank tops

Cut your oversized t-shirt into a tank top! No sewing required! Just grab your favorite big t-shirt and some scissors! These DIY tank top tutorials are perfect for working out, the beach or just hanging out. DIY tutorial by Love Maegan Tutorial by DIY Damsels  Tutorial by The Reluctant Stylista Tutorial by Urban People DIY

10 ways to make curtains! (sew & no sew)

10 DIY curtain tutorials!

There are so many different styles of curtains you can make for your home. I’ve searched the web and found 10 different styles I think you’ll love! Make curtains of any style with these tutorials.  From elegant to simple from sewn to no sew! Click the links below to see the full tutorial for how to

6 DIY Kimono tutorials

Kimonos are hot this season. They’re easy and fashionable and fun to make. You don’t need to be great with a sewing machine to make one of these!! I’ve found 6 DIY kimono tutorials that are each slightly different. There is no pattern needed! Just get some fabric, scissors and fabric glue or a sewing

Cut up t-shirt tutorials

amazing t-shirt refashion tutorials

More great shirt refashions! Use these tutorials to cut your way to refashioned style. These cut up t-shirt tutorials are so unique and fun! Make sure you also check out the first and second t-shirt refashion tutorials. Cutout a skull from your t-shirt with this great tutorial from Runway DIY. Free printable templates for these

Transform outdoors living space with paint!

See all these amazing outdoor transformations with paint!

Have an ugly front porch, patio or furniture?? Make it over with paint! You can use paint to make anything old feel new and fresh. Bring out the DIY champ in you . You can make your outdoor living space spectacular! You can even paint things you didn’t realize was possible! Find out how you

10 more amazing outdoor DIY projects

More outdoor DIY projects (do-it-yourself) that everyone will love to build or make! From adorable window boxes to arbors, patio ponds and day beds! Check out all these fantastic DIY backyard projects!