Learn how to design fabric for free!

Learn how to design fabric for FREE!

You love fabric but you just can’t find the ONE you’re looking for? You’ve heard there are places you can print your own fabric so you’re ready to get started! I’ve gathered tons of online resources to take you from design to completion. You’ll be designing your own fabric and maybe even on your way

12 free alternatives to Bebas Neue

12 alternate fonts to bebas neue

Bebas Neue is a great font but it is everywhere. Everywhere. Here are some great, free  alternatives to using Bebas Neue in your graphics! Beer GoBold Big Noodle Titling Alegre Sans American Purpose Ever After Bradbury Sans Nue Ostrich Sans Sophisticated Slims Coluna Hype

Pattern Anthology VIDEO. WHAT?

Pattern Anthology Video

Last week I hinted at something coming from Pattern Anthology. Well today’s a bit of a sneak peek! Pattern Anthology made a video so you could get to know us a bit. We’d really love if you’d watch and share it with your friends! Oh, and P.S. There’s going to be a special pre-sale price

Business Cards for Bloggers

business cards (1 of 3) copy

I often have a hard time answering the question, “What do you do?”
I do many things. And I love the things I do. I primarily stay home with my kids. However, I also blog, I design sewing patterns for my own label, I run a currated pattern shop, I design for Pattern Anthology… But to the average person, none of those answers make much sense. If I share any of those answers I usually hear either, “oh how fun” or “how did you start doing that?” And usually theirs an air of confusion. But, those are the things I do.
And so I had a difficult time with my recent business cards. How does one put all that on a card?
You can’t.

New house, new faucet

We bought a house! It’s time to renovate and decorate. Come see what we’re doing in the powder room with this amazing new Delta Touch20 faucet. It’s the smart phone of the faucet world!

Tips for adding COLOR to your living space

I love that color is trendy right now. Cheerful Spring colors are so much fun, especially if you live somewhere where winter is long and dark. It's easy to brighten your living space with just a couple pops of color. Fight your desire to pick out a couple floral pillows and call it good! 1.

Easter Brunch

As Easter approaches I’ve been considering a table setting for an Easter Brunch. The problem is, I don’t usually do fancy. Table settings and centerpieces aren’t something I think about often. So I made a mock Easter table and now I need your help!

Help! I need some fabric and paint advice!

I need a little design advice from you! I’ve got an old bench in our entry way that I’m planning to paint and make a new cushion for. Can you help me choose my fabric and paint? There is no “theme” in that area of the house so just tell me your favorites!