The never ending piles of fabric….

I sewed for baby a bit this week. Sticking to the De-Stash Challenge I used only what I had. I reaffirmed my distaste for sewing satin. But really, what baby doesn't love satin? I made swaddle blankets by simply serging the edges of a giant flannel square. I made over our very used burp cloths.

Step 1: Organizing

As a first step to my commitment for The GREAT De-Stash Challenge I've organized my stash. OH MY. Let's just see what I did, shall we? First: removed fabric from shelves, counters, crevices, etc. REFOLDED FOR HOURS. Second: organized by type/color/style/etc. Take a peek… But that's not all… And a bit more up here… And

The GREAT De-Stash Challenge

I've been buying a lot of fabric lately. I have plans for all of it. Truly, I do. The problem is, I'll never get around to completing those projects if I keep buying more fabric for new projects. So, I have decided to declare a state of emergency and start The GREAT De-Stash Challenge.  The