The best messy art projects for kids

Kids love getting messy and it’s fun to help them create! These messy arts and crafts projects for kids are fun for the whole family! Here are the best messy art activities all the kids will enjoy.                                    

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As a parent of four children I want to make sure I do my job of teaching them hands on skills they wouldn’t learn in school. The fun stuff. The valuable stuff. Life lessons, creative projects, and valuable expertise on subjects I know they’d love but wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to in day to day

Handmade Costume Series: DIY Cat Mask Tutorial


Continuing our 3rd Annual Handmade Costume Series with Rachael from Imagine Gnats! Sh’es designed some super awesome cat masks. The cat mask tutorial is fantastic and involves a printable! MEOW!

Birthday party favor FAIL and win

I asked on facebook and instagram yesterday what your suggestions were for good birthday party favors. You know, the good kind that doesn't include junk you don't want and your kids won't use. I love the idea of favors that are inexpensive and yet useful and appreciated. So we decided to make some homemade Gak

Guest Post: A fun flower craft for kids

I don't know about you, but I love flowers. Real or fake flowers. Either will do. Especially if they are from my kids! My oldest daughter loves making flowers out of tissue paper and I'm pretty sure this DIY coffee filter flower craft will be her new favorite way to make flowers. This would also

Easy Valentine craft tutorial

Need a handmade Valentine project for your kids? I'm sharing a fun, easy tutorial over at Fancy Little Things.  Don't forget to buy your wool felt hearts at Heart & Felt and help my kids raise $5,100 to buy a home for an orphan family through World Vision! They are almost halfway to their fundraising

Remember the lunch bag?

Well, the little pocket the girls hide notes and artwork in to send Dad to work just isn't big enough… Yes, those tissue flowers are complete with a vase. What a lovely lunch surprise.