Daphne Dress Sew Along Day 1

Are you ready to make one of these?    I really LOVE how mine turned out. Just as cute as I thought it would be! But WOW I had a hard time getting a good picture of my completed dress. The first day I tried to capture it, my lens kept fogging up from the

Clothing Sew Along: Week 4

Better late than never! Welcome to week 4! How is your sewing going so far? I know some of you already completed your project but some of you are waiting on me so I apologize for my lateness. If you are wanting to learn to sew, go ahead and check out our first lesson, second

Clothing Sew Along: Week 3

Welcome to week three of the Well, we've learned how to sew a straight line. We've picked out patterns, fabric and cut them out, now it is time to start sewing them together! But first, will you check out my birthday wish? This week I'll take you through my pattern instructions, hopefully this will be

Clothing Sew Along: Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of the  If you missed week 1 go ahead and catch up! I've decided to combine the original plan for week 2 and 3 so get ready to start cutting! Selecting a pattern There are many different brands of U.S. pattern makers. Some of the most used ones are Simplicity, McCalls, Butterick

Clothing Sew Along: Week 1

Are you ready to get your machine doing this? (for more details about the Clothing Sew Along please read here) Are you excited? Today I will be covering the very basics. You are in for a surprise. I'm doing this in video format because I can convey the most information that way. So bear with

Clothing Sew Along

UPDATE: Comments are finally working! I've received quite a few emails from people joining in and I'm so excited!  Well, you've made it clear what you want, so get ready for the… That's right! I've had at least a dozen people say they are interested so we'll be kicking this off next Monday, February 1st!