Powdered Sugar Gluten Free Doughnuts

The best gluten free doughnut recipe!

My kids had Doughnuts with Dad at their school this morning so I had to make some doughnuts for them to take. My daughter has Celiac Disease and we’ve tried a couple recipes we didn’t love. This morning I made up a new gluten free doughnuts recipe and I think these are winners! They’re fluffy

Granola Bar Recipe – gluten free, dairy free


In the hunt for a granola bar recipe that isn’t full of sugar and wheat/dairy, I stumbled upon tons of really healthy recipes. Tons. And then we combined a few recipes and made some unhealthy ones. And they’re the best thing ever. We call them granola bar cookies because they taste so good. And they’re gluten free and dairy free so you can feed they’re great for people with Celiac Disease or gluten sensitivities.

Quick & Easy lunch snacks for kids


Our first day of school was today! The kids were so excited to start a new school. They’d never been on a school bus before and insisted on riding it their first day. Each kid was armed with their backpack, lunchbox and school supplies. In addition, my oldest had her “What is Celiac Disease” handout for her teachers and a list of ingredients that include gluten along with a list I prepared of acceptable prepackaged treats that are gluten and milk free. It was a short list.
Packing her lunch box proved to be a bit tricky. Our kitchen is still not done (I won’t whine on and on about that but it’s really annoying). Fortunately, there are plenty of foods that are quick and easy and celiac friendly!

New house & going gluten free


A few months ago we discovered our oldest daughter has Celiac Disease. We are so glad she was diagnosed but this has thrown our eating habits for a bit of a loop! Celiacs can’t have gluten. Any gluten. It causes their bodies to not absorb nutrients and makes them sick and malnourished. But gluten is