A Very Go To Christmas: Pea Coats

Wrapping up A Very Go To Christmas is Delia from Delia Creates. Delia is simply amazing at everything. She makes beautiful things and her photography is fantastic. She made the Oliver & Olivia Pea Coat sewing pattern by Peekaboo Pattern Shop. She didn't make just one. She made THREE. They are so darn cute! Go check

A Very Go To Christmas: Maxwell Shirt

I'm so excited that Stacey from Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy Crafts joined this series! She sewed the Maxwell Shirt by Shwin Designs. I love the details of this shirt pattern for boys. (Though I think it would be cute on a girl too!) And while you're checking out the Maxwell shirt, check out the

A Very Go To Christmas: Basic Blazer

Kate from See Kate Sew is sharing the Basic Blazer pattern from Blank Slate Patterns today! Much like with Cherie's post, I could barely notice the outfit past the cute kid. Toddlers really are the cutest. Seriously though, this sewing pattern is fantastic. If you need to sew a blazer for a boy or a

A Very Go To Christmas: Goodship Dress

Today Jessica from Me Sew Crazy is sharing her Goodship Dress by Circus Wear. As always, Jessica has picked adorable fabric and this dress couldn’t be cuter! I had the honor of rooming with Jessica at Sewing Summit and she really is amazing.

A Very Go To Christmas: Maggie Mae Dress & Tunic

Today Cherie from You & Mie is sharing her amazing little daughter. Um, I mean this adorable Maggie Mae Dress by Shwin Designs. The combiniation couldn't be any cuter!! Cherie is an amazingly creative seamstress. I always enjoy seeing what she comes up with!

A Very Go To Christmas: Alex & Anna Winter Pajamas

The wonderful Jenny from The Southern Institute made adorable knit pajamas from the Alex and Anna Winter Pajamas sewing pattern. I love the size range (up to 8 years) so you can even make pajamas for older boys and girls. This is a pattern by peekaboo pattern shop and you won't be dissappointed.

A Very Go To Christmas: Commuter Cowl

This time of year a scarf or cowl is not just something to keep you warm, it's a fashion statement. The Commuter Cowl sewing pattern by luvinthemommyhood is just that. The talented Kirstin from Skirt as Top made one for this series and I love it!

A Very Go To Christmas: Dragon & Rhino Stuffed Animals

Every child loves stuffed animals. I, personally, have had a lot of fun sewing some for my kids. There is something extra special about a homemade stuffie (or fluffy or whatever you call them!). Amy from Naptime Crafters & Peekaboo Pattern Shop is sharing the adorable dragon and rhinoceros stuffed animals she made from DIY