Setting the Thanksgiving Table


Setting the table for Thanksgiving, or any event or holiday, is really fun for some people, and totally overrated for others. I’m a bit more on the overrated end of the spectrum but I do appreciate a pretty plate, a nice napkin and something fun. This Thanksgiving we’ll be using our name placecards, new cloth

The time I made “lapkins”


I needed to make napkins for an upcoming dinner and found myself only liking one fabric out of my stash for the job. This is remarkable for two reasons. First, I have a million fabrics. Second, I have a million fabrics. Though, in my defense, most of them are knit or bottom weight so they aren’t exactly napkin material. But the bummer was that this particular fabric was only 1 yard. And I needed to make six napkins.

Boy’s Hipster Appliqué Tutorial

Today I'm sharing a fun project for adding a bit of edge to a regular boy's button down shirt. I call it the "hipster appliqué". I love the little bit of edge it gives a plain shirt. Just a little something fun to liven up a boy's wardrobe. All you need is a button down

Tutorial: Travel Toothbrush Holder

Browsing Pinterest last week I saw something that was so simple it was brilliant. A travel toothbrush holder made from a wash cloth. It was great, but not exactly what I need. My problem is electric toothbrushes are hard to pack. They are big and bulky. Most commercial options aren't adequate. I hate those plastic

The last minute ladybug

My girls were going to be butterflies for Halloween. Until today. They decided against butterflies. Naomi chose a ladybug. Daphne a duckling.  I whipped up a pair of butterfly wings for Naomi out of items I had around here. An old t-shirt, cereal boxes, and a bit of elastic and stabilizer.    I'll get it