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Busy busy and a handy little “where is she now” map

I feel like this blog gets neglected a lot. I rarely show off what I’m making anymore. I think things will slow down a little soon and I’ll be able to write a little more. As I alluded to yesterday, I’m working on some big changes at Go To Patterns. I’ll share those next week but that’s what I’ve been up to. SO ready to be done with that project! But I’m also beside myself excited about it.

We also just found out we are moving. Again. This is me for the last 17 years since I graduated from high school:

My oldest daughter just turned 8. When we move this summer it will be her 5th state. If that’s not bad enough, my 4 year old will be on her 4th state. It really isn’t as bad as it sounds. We were on this last star nearly 3 years…

Have a great weekend!


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    Where did you graduate high school? Bellingham? I feel like we’ve moved that much in the years since we’ve been married, but really it’s just been getting settled into the right spot back on the east coast. I think we’re finally at our resting point, but your map makes me nervous haha.

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    and I thought I had it bad… right before our 13th wedding anniversary we moved to our 7th address (the one we’re still currently at), but we only had 2 different areas: Minnesota and France… woohoo now you’ll be closer to me now that you’ll be in the Midwest, when will you be moving?

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    Yea, that is what I wondered. I am from somewhere very close to that first star too and I thought “she’s from Bellingham????” Small world.
    I am also going through a big move after not being somewhere long enough. It is hard.
    ~Major Moma

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