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Boy’s Hipster Appliqué Tutorial

Today I'm sharing a fun project for adding a bit of edge to a regular boy's button down shirt. I call it the "hipster appliqué". I love the little bit of edge it gives a plain shirt. Just a little something fun to liven up a boy's wardrobe.

All you need is a button down shirt, an old t-shirt with a fun pattern on it, and a little double sided fusible web from your local fabric or craft store. I like Steam-A-Seam Lite but use whatever brand you prefer. 


I used an old men's shirt with a fun pattern. Iron some double sided fusible web onto the back of your pattern then cut it out to be the shape you prefer.


Peel the paper backing off your fusible web and iron it onto your shirt. I love how it looks on the back but with a smaller applique you could do something fun on the front or the sleeve.


Stitch around the edge of the appliqué. I chose a straight stitch because I like when the edges curl up a little after being washed.



That's it! Put it on your guy. Then attempt to photograph…

So, what do you think?


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