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Book sling. A good idea. Kind of.

Ever since Penny Carnival posted her Hanging Book Display tutorial I've wanted one. I finally got one. My mom made it for my toddler for Christmas and she loves it. Having books right next to her in bed has encouraged a love of books.

Book sling 125

However… I wouldn't put it right next to a bed if I did it again. She kicks it constantly. It is off the wall more than it is on the wall.

I put them on the wall for my other girls. Even anchored in the wall they still got ripped out. No matter how many times mom says not to hang on them it is hard to remember in the moment. Apparently. 

Book sling 126

Do your kids get surrounded by handmade?



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    This is the kind of review I like. (Not that I am happy yours is not working out.) Also, the Sewing Dork said that if she was to do it again, she would put it on the back if a door, not at head height for fear of the wee one hitting her head. But I still love it just like the rest of the internet!

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    I’ve been trying to get more handmade stuff around my kid, and I’d LOVE to have a book sling, but we just haven’t got space in his room. I am well aware that it would become an acrobatics prop if I put it next to his (soon to be) bed (he’s still in a cot bed thing), and there’s no other free bit of wall space. I’ll settle for the quilt and handmade toys for now…

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    hi, i love your page! this idea is pretty interesting. ive never seen anything like this, but im a nanny for 3 and they all love to read. we shall see what i can do!
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    Just a note for anyone interested in making the book sling, it is very EASY to make. You don’t have to have a talent for sewing as it so SIMPLE and takes hardly any time. It took more time driving to the store to buy the hardware than to make the book sling.

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    This is exactly why I haven’t made a book sling. They are super cute, though!
    And I love the crocheted doll! My kids have fewer handmade things than I would like, especially since I’ve noticed that they are very respectful of ownership of handmade toys – they might ask me to make them something I made for a sibling, but they never snatch or grab it (which does happen with commercial toys, even when they have a similar or even identical store-bought item. Not sure why the difference is there?)

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