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Simple Sewing

Today I have the honor of joining the Simple Sewing book tour. Simple Sewing: 30 Fast and Easy Projects for Beginners written by Katie from The Red Kitchen. Learn to sew straight lines, clip corners, turn, topstitch and all the other basic things you need to master before moving on to sewing difficult projects.

My daughters were so excited when this came in the mail. They poured over the pages, deciding what they were going to make first. I love that each thing in the book has thorough step by step instructions and photos. Some sewing books tend to skip steps or assume a lot of knowleldge but this one is very detailed. My youngest daughter even played hooky to sew with me (well documented on instagram, of course). Which reminds me, I changed my instagram name to my real name, in case you’ve been confused.


We chose 2 projects to make first. My first choice was handwarmers. It wasn’t the cutest thing in the book but it’s really cold here. I know it’s not cold to some people but we’re freezing. The midwest is much, much colder than southern california. My 5 year old commented the other day that she wasn’t sure we’d survive the winter. Well, now we have handwarmers to our rescue. And we even bought jackets and mittens so we should make it.

The book calls for using flannel. Flannel is nice, and we had a variety in the stash. But we opted for minky. One day at the Loft there was TONS of minky. I almost bought more than I could ever use, but Bev talked me down and instead opted for some small pieces. This was one of them. Perfect for handwarmers! This kids were really skeptical that we filled them with rice and the rice would keep them warm. I love seeing them get excited about the little things.


Next we made a couple toy cameras. This pattern is so cute! Getting a photo of both together proved difficult.


They’re a hit! Now I have a little paparazzo following me but no worries by backside will end up on instagram by accident.



Now the fun part, you can win a copy of Simple Sewing: 30 Fast and Easy Projects for Beginners (affiliate link)

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