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Birthday party favor FAIL and win

I asked on facebook and instagram yesterday what your suggestions were for good birthday party favors. You know, the good kind that doesn't include junk you don't want and your kids won't use.

I love the idea of favors that are inexpensive and yet useful and appreciated. So we decided to make some homemade Gak while we waited for our cupcakes to come out of the oven. 


We used this recipe and I'm not sure what we did wrong but it was a huge FAIL. It hardened so quickly the starch wouldn't mix in with the glue any longer and all I had was like stiff gum floating in blue water. 

So we made some play dough instead.

We put them in little plastic containers and added a label to the lid for fun. Voila. A favor that is useful and appreciated yet doesn't stick around long to clutter your house.

There were some GREAT other ideas mentioned on facebook and instagram as well. I'd love to hear some of your favorite party favor ideas!

Some of my favorites that were suggested:


Source: via Leah on Pinterest

Source: via Randee on Pinterest


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