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Bias Tape Hack

printable bias tape maker and tons of other sewing hacks & tips

Photo credit: Scientific Seamstress

Store bought bias tape is boring and usually doesn’t match your project. Fortunately, making your own bias tape is easy! Make some in all your favorite fabrics and store them so you have them on hand when you need them! Use a piece of cardboard to wind them around for easy storage. 

Make your own!

  1. Cut out your fabric using the continuous bias trick.
  2. Use the printable template by Scientific Seamstress. No printer or you just prefer a different method? Try a Clover bias tape maker.  It’s THAT easy!

Need help figuring out how to sew it on? Check out this bias tape cheater method tutorial

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  1. Barbara dewey says

    I am confused by your use of the word “hack,” which means “to cut up” or “to tear apart,” when the article is about MAKING something. Perhaps the word you were looking for is “technique” or “method?”

    • says

      Hi Barbara,
      “Hack” is commonly used as a term for a clever solution to a problem. That’s how the term is used in this case. The term became popular in the 80’s and 90’s in reference to computer hackers and has since become common in terms of household hacks, etc. Hope that makes it more easy to understand.

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