10 DIY bathroom ideas

I told you last month about my awesome new Delta Faucet I picked out. Seriously, amazing. I can’t wait to share with you how it works (hint: I installed it already and I’m not shy about showing everyone that walks into my house). Well, a faucet doesn’t complete a room so I’ve created an inspiration board on Pinterest.


I wish I had a “before” photo for you of my bathroom. Just imagine a brown powder room with a pedistal sink, old mirror and outdated brass light fixture. Boring. Plain. Nothing too exciting. So I started with a little paint. A light gray/blue that looks great with the fresh white trim. Then I installed the new, amazing, faucet on a new vanity (more on that soon!). I figured if I’m going to have an incredible faucet I

should probably do a little makeover of the rest of the room.


On a budget? Consider making some DIY projects to update your bathroom!

  1. Turn an old desk or dresser into a vanity
  2. Paint the walls and trim
  3. Hang baskets on the wall to store towels for guests
  4. Make wood crates as decorative storage
  5. Attach vases to the walls for fresh (or fake) flowers
  6. Make hanging shelves with some rope and a couple boards
  7. Repurpose an old ladder for decoration and storage
  8. Make an easy magazine rack out of shutters
  9. Make some curtains
  10. Make a mosaic tile mirror

See my Inspired Living Board for all sorts of fun DIY projects and other fun bathroom ideas inspired by my new Touch20 Delta Faucet.

I can’t wait to show you my new bathroom! It’s coming along beautifully!

Thank you Delta Faucet!

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  1. Angela williams says

    I would love to know how you attached the vases to the wall that is a awesome look. Love it
    Please reply thank you

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