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10 DIY bathroom ideas

DIY bathroom ideas
Ready to give your bathroom a little makeover? There’s no need to spend thousands! Here are 10 ideas that can make a big impact without a lot of money.

On a budget? Consider making some DIY projects to update your bathroom!

  1. Turn an old desk or dresser into a vanity : Plans Now
  2. Paint the walls and trim
  3. Hang baskets on the wall with a towel rack : Simply DIY
  4. Hang baskets directly on the wall : Making Lemonade
  5. Make wood crates as decorative storage : HGTV
  6. Attach mason jars to the wall for storage : DIY Playbook
  7. Make hanging shelves with some rope and a couple boards : Bob Villa
  8. Repurpose an old ladder for decoration and storage : Eclectically Vintage
  9. Make some curtains : Andrea’s Notebook
  10. Make a shower curtain: Andrea’s Notebook
  11. Make a new toilet paper holder.

 DIY toilet paper holder tutorials


  1. Angela williams says

    I would love to know how you attached the vases to the wall that is a awesome look. Love it
    Please reply thank you

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