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Announcing: MAKE because She’s Worth It

Last fall, a friend of mine called to tell me about her amazing idea. Her CRAZY idea to raise a half a million dollars to fund organizations that fight human trafficking and slavery. What? That's crazy! Well, through her idea, was created. Dozens of people came together to say, "YES!" we care. Each person has assembled a team to help them raise funds and awareness. And from that idea, another idea was born. Keep reading!!

Shes worth it

Is slavery alive today?

Yes, absolutely.

01image source

500,000 chidren between the ages of 5 and 15 years are forced into the sex trade every year.

For this campaign, we have focused on the girls and women trapped in sexual slavery / sex trafficking / forced prostitution, though we strongly support the rescue and freedom of young boys, men and entire families from every sort of slavery!

So what?

I've assembled a team, chosen worthy organizations to support and we are going to make a difference.

We're going to MAKE gifts to deliver to women and girls who are rehabilitating from this forced sexual slavery. Bracelets that let them know they are loved. Zipper pouches to show them someone cares. UPDATE: You made and they knew they were loved. Thank you!

They are LOVED.

So we're asking YOU to join us. Will you make a bracelet or a pouch for a girl in Thailand, India, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Amsterdam or even the United States? We'll be distributing them through many organizations that work directly with women and girls fresh out of the sex trade in desperate need of love and healing. UPDATE: We are not accepting bracelets & pouches at this time because I am in the middle of a move.

Do you want to help? 


We're also asking that you donate $10. Just $10. Your $10 will be helping fund two projects we fully believe in. (If you can't donate, we'd still love for you to make something!)

  1. Father's House: a safe house for children in Cambodia who are at risk for being trafficked. This home is run by In His Steps International. You can read more about it here.
  2. The Sewing Project: we'll be raising money for a group of mothers in an Indian village who have been freed from the sex industry and are learning sewing as a trade! The funds will also help hire a social worker to help them with them with rehabilitation. This project is run by Indian Rescue Mission.
  3. Bracelets & Zipper Pouch Project: These items will be mailed to ME and I will send them to the organizer of She's Worth It who will be hand delivering some in Cambodia during her May trip there. She will be dividing the rest and delivering them to the organizations sponsored by She's Worth It. You can see all the organizations HERE. Thank you! We are no longer accepting bracelets and zipper pouches. You may continue to donate money. THANK YOU!

Indian rescue mission sewing

source: Indian Rescue Mission

The donations are tax deductable and it ALL goes to the organizations that have been vetted and chosen (minus credit card fees). Psalm 82.3 Ministries (a registered non-profit) is collecting all the money and will distribute 100% to the organizations we have chosen. They are not witholding a fee but have graciously offered to help us collect the money and distribute since we are just a group of women and not a registered non-profit. You can read the details here.

Our 3 purposes:

  1. Raise awareness of the issue.
  2. Raise funds for the organizations that are doing the hard work.
  3. Give the victims a small token to know that even if they've been told they are trash, or not worth caring for, WE care about them. They are LOVED. 

Ready to help? Use YOUR talents!

If you want to join us, please send me an email at thetraintocrazy (at) gmail (dot) com. I'll make sure you have all the information you need and my address to mail your bracelets and zipper pouches! I'll be attaching a little note letting the recipient they are loved before they are sent out. I'll also be updating the blog and photographing everything that comes in! With each new blogger that joins and each new tutorial I'll add a link to this page. 

Grab a button to share the She's Worth It project with others!

Online fundraising for Team MAKE raising money for She's Worth It!

UPDATE: Thank you for donating! We are not accepting bracelets and pouches at this time because I am moving. You can follow She's Worth It on facebook. There was a recent video of recipients saying Thank You! 

How do you talk to kids about this issue? Check out this great post.

We've had the questions: Why don't we make them clothes? After all, that's what we do!

The answer: Making clothes and shipping it the the victims is an inefficient use of funds AND can disrupt the local economy. This study suggests that the influx of clothing sent from charities to Africa explains roughly 40% of the decline in production and 50% of the decline in employment over the period 1981–2000. We feel that if a victim needs clothing the best way to get that to her is to donate money to an organization that helps them rehabilitate and get back on their feet.

Meet the group of bloggers working with me: (new team members added at bottom of post)

Bev from Flamingo Toes
Jess from If Only They Would Nap
Jess from Me Sew Crazy
Vanessa from Designs by Sessa
Ginger from Let's Give Today

Sew Country Chick, Handmade Dress Haven, Craft as Therapy, Hopeful Threads, Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy Crafts


  1. says

    I love this Andrea! Can’t wait to make mine for the cause! It’s such an important issue to bring awareness to… people have no idea how rampant this problem is, even in our own country.

  2. says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! SO very thankful for the team you are putting together. SO happy to partner with you guys.
    I cannot WAIT to get to Cambodia and love on these babies and tell them about this team that is raising money so that they can have school lunches and snacks and live in their home and be SAFE from traffickers!
    I cannot WAIT to get to India and hopefully meet these precious women – many of them mamas – and look into their eyes and tell them how a group of women who sew made it so that they can learn to sew too.
    I can’t WAIT to give out these precious gifts to girls and women across the world and tell them that you love them and know they are absolutely worth it!!!
    <3 all of you already! Let me know if anyone has ANY questions about She’s Worth It or about the organizations you are helping!

  3. says

    Andrea, I will be writing a post about this tomorrow. I took my daughters who were 13 and 5 on a long trip to Thailand once. My 13 year old was shocked to see girls her age on the streets and we have talked about it since and wanted to do something . She is 17 now and wants to major in global studies to fight this. Sign me up!

  4. says

    Great idea but bracelets and zipper pouches? Wouldn’t clothes to wear be more useful? How many bracelets and zipper pouches can a person use? Nicely made clothes that they can wear when they go apply for regular work would be more useful me thinks. Most of the countries listed up there wear tunic type garments. If we could get consensus on styles we could totally churn out a couple of tunics in one size or multiple sizes.. What do you think?

  5. says

    Also please get rid of the hideous recaptchas-they really deter commenting. I had to go through four tries to get through for the previous comment and I wouldn’t given up at the second go if I wasn’t really into this cause. Make it easy for people to help. Thanks.

  6. says

    Thanks for the comments! There are several reasons we chose these items.
    1. They are easy to make so more people can be involved.
    2. They are small and easy to ship.
    3. They don't disrupt the local economy by giving them something that would ordinarily be purchased from local sources, this hurting someone else's job.
    The clothing is a fun idea, but is in conflict with our goal is to help without harming. We feel that a small token of our love will have a great impact.

  7. says

    I am passionate about this cause and am just starting to find ways to get involved, this sounds like an awesome starting place!! I’m wondering if you have any resources on how to talk to kids about this issue in an age appropriate manner? My kids are 4 and 7 and I would like to get them involved but I’m unsure on how to approach the topic with honesty, maybe I”m just over thinking it but I think it would be great to have a few resources on the idea of helping kids to understand. Can’t wait to get involved!! Thank you!
    Natalie <><

  8. April says

    Friends and I are organizing a community wide bracelet and pouch making party in Oklahoma…we’ll be sending items your way after our event. Everyone I have talked to is so excited to be able to play some small role in helping these women know of the ones and the One who loves them! Thank you for organizing this!!

  9. says

    Our sewing party was a blast. I’ll post about it as soon as I can get Sue off her sewing machine long enough to mail me the pictures. The women of the College Corner United Methodist Church are pumped!

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