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Hello! I’m Andrea, the Owner and Creative Director of Andrea’s Notebook! Welcome! I’ve been writing this blog since 2007 and loving every minute! Come on in, sit for a while! I hope you love what you see.

My main goal of this website is to bring a little more happiness and inspiration into your life. No stress, Pinterest anxiety or “shoulds” here. Just fun things you’ll want to try, or not. I want you to leave a little happier than you arrived. 

And, as all good things, they don’t come without a team of busy people behind the scenes. Andrea’s Notebook has a great staff of contributing writers and editors sharing our best with you! 




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I’m just a regular girl (old lady, whatever). I started blogging here in 2007 then got my first sewing machine in 2008 and jumped head first into teaching myself how to sew. Some of my first projects felt like major accomplishments to me. I fell in love with creating. I then studied pattern cutting and drafting, started my own sewing pattern line and eventually an online, curated pattern store and then another sewing pattern company. My first fabric line was just released as well. All this while keeping this blog running on the side. Eventually, I decided to put my focus on this site and created an online magazine that I would love to read, if I wasn’t the one doing the writing. 

I’m passionate about the world and it’s people. I’m touched deeply by the plight and struggle of others and really do long to see justice and peace for everyone. Each day is an opportunity to do and be just a little better than the day before. To breathe a little deeper, hold loved ones a little longer and focus on blessings and gratitude. I’m naturally cynical but I choose to see the glass as refillable. There’s always an opportunity for change.


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