The year end post where I realize how many of these I never blogged about.

Now that we’ve done our Top 12 Lists it’s time for a year in sewing. Well, some of it. I didn’t blog a lot of it so you might see something new. And a few outtakes. Like this one. Gorgeous scenery, perfect light.

zip up jumper
This was the first week of Project Run & Play. I loved this jumper. She never wore it again.

Hats for sale outfit
Week two was my favorite. It was boy week. A little known fact: that’s my girl. You know which book this is from? 

simple valentines skirt
Valentine’s Day last minute outfit for pink day at school. You can never go wrong with a simple skirt. I don’t know if I blogged this or not.

toy car play mat
I made this cute car play mat from the Sewing for Boys
book. I later made the garage tutorial.

gathered duvet or quilt tutorial
I made over my daughter’s room for her 7th birthday. This is her coming home from school to find it. Find the duvet tutorial here. The wall gallery tutorial is here.

colorful frame wall
I never blogged this but I did a frame wall as well. Notice the canvas that wasn’t finished.

initial frame
The “n” is done in paper flowers.

ruffle sheet
I love this ruffle sheet.

cute cap sleeve
Then I started making a million Go To Signature Dresses.

double layer sleeve hooded tunic

Go To Signature Dress

Then I opened I can’t believe it’s been almost 6 months already!

cottage mama dress
Took a break from the Signature Dress to make this adorable Cottage Mama dress.

4th of july matching outfits
And 4th of July outfits for everyone. The skirt tutorial is here.

faux wrap shorts tutorial
And then there were the wrap shorts (with tutorial). Cute. 

women's wrap dress
I made a ton of women’s dresses. Didn’t blog any of them. Here are a few.

red plaid dress

color blocked dress
That one is me.

I had to cut myself out of this skirt. The zipper broke. Grr.

gathered sunglasses case tutorial
I worked on sunglasses cases poolside. Tutorial here.

Then I moved on to making a million pairs of leggings.

leggings pattern
And the Go To Leggings pattern was born.

diy mermaid costume
Then I mastered Halloween but these mermaids were my favorite.

Go To cape
Then capes. Lots of capes.

linen cape

And the Go To Cape for Girls pattern was born.

wool cape
And a cape for me. And the Go To Cape for Women pattern was born.

shift dress
The Shift Dress (and these suitcases) was one of my favorites of the year. Pattern here.

embroidery hoop sewing kit
A cute sewing kit made out of an embroidery hoop & some fabric. And that leather needle case.

pajama eaters
And the pajama eaters, of course.

There was a bunch more but that’s good enough for now, don’t you think? Going into this roundup I was thinking I hadn’t done much! What was I thinking?