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a sweet little linen cape

Last week I bought a bunch of linen (not here). It inspired me to make this simple, natural cape for my oldest daughter.

Sweet DIY CapeThese fabric covered buttons (fabric from here) make me want to cover a dozen buttons with this floral print. I love each of the colors. I think those are all my favorites right now.

Adorable DIY cape
The cape pattern should be released next week  is now available at Go To Patterns. I’m giddy excited about it. Capes on girls are adorable. I’m pretty sure I’ll be making this in adult sizes as well. Would you wear a cape?


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    Oooh, pretty! I actually want to make a cape/cloak similar to this for myself… just longer, and with flannel for the lining. =) But it’s been on my sewing list for about 2 years now, so it might not ever happen.

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    This cape is adorable!! I think every time I make my own buttons, they end up being my favorite part of the project!! I will need this pattern along with your Go To Leggings.

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    Your cape is lovely – I can just imagine how special a little girl would feel to be made such a delightful garment. Your daughter is very lucky!

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