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A bitty dress

I have to show you the dresses in the matching set that so many of you commented on.  This is the little owl dress I made for Maggie, my baby.

Pattern: Simplicity 3511

I love the use of corduroy for this pattern. It is hard to find cute dress patterns that have sleeves. I think this one works very well for the colder months and the warmer ones as well.

Overall I would recommend this pattern. It was pretty easy to cut out and put together. No big issues.

Things I’d change:

  • The neck opening is very wide for the size. This should have fit little Maggie according to her measurements but it just doesn’t. She’ll grow into it though.
  • The method of putting elastic into the sleeves is overly time consuming. Next time I’ll use my own method. The one I used on the cutest little shirt. On a related note, I’m still considering selling this shirt pattern. It won’t happen any time too soon though so you’ll have to hang in there!

But really, it is super cute.


The back detail makes it.


Do you think I could pull this off in my size? Which reminds me, thank you still for all the great comments on my dress!

UPDATE: The Clothing Sew Along starts today!! Please join in the fun! Also, week 1 of Make it, Wear it begins this Thursday! Link up anything you’ve made that can be worn!

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    Do tell…what did you do with the other sleeves that made it easier? I’ll take any tips and tricks to save some time!
    This dress is darling!

  2. says

    I’m actually trying to get in touch with you about the Bible in 90 Days, but can’t find a contact button or your email address. sooo. How’s it going? Please let me know so I can sheer you on or pray for you to join us next time.

  3. says

    So many things…first off, I LOVE the owl print, I actually have that same fabric and haven’t cut into it yet cause it’s SO cute! Secondly, I LOVE the dress, you did a great job on it! Thirdly, I love your blog! AND (fourthly) you have a sweet little girl named MAGGIE!!! That’s my name too and I feel the love towards anyone with that name or that names their child that name cause it is still a rarity for me to hear it :) Thanks so much for the comments on my blog otherwise who knows how long it would have been before I got here :)
    Much love,

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