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9 Kick Butt Workouts

9 Kick butt workouts for your butt

Anybody interested in toning their behind will enjoy these kick butt workouts! I like changing up the moves and workouts each time I focus on a new area and love looking for unique workouts! Variety definitely helps so that your muscles don’t become too accustomed to the same workout. The challenges give you something small to do each day that you can just add on to a cardio or strength training workout. Now let’s get moving!!

1. The Squat Challenge

If you follow this challenge you will be doing 200 squats in 4 weeks. Just think how much more toned you’ll look after doing this daily routine for a whole month!

200 squats in 4 weeks


2. 21 Day Butt Challenge

This exercise routine has 5 exercises to strengthen your butt and thighs. The challenge allows you to start small and work up to more reps to continuously push yourself!

21 day butt challenge

3. 5 Minute Booty Blast

You can definitely devote 5 minutes a day to give your booty a little workout! Let’s do this!

5 minute booty blast

4. 9 Butt Moves that Beat Squats

It’s true that squats can tone your glutes… however, these moves add a little variety! Check out these 9 unique moves. This post shows you exactly how to be successful!

more than squats

5. No Squat, No Lunge

Even more really great workouts that don’t focus on the dreaded squats and lunges. There are even a few resistance band workouts! Plus, you have to check out this post on how to Build a Better Butt!

no squat workout

6. The 12 Best Butt Workouts

Using dumbbells, exercise balls and steps, these 12 butt workouts provide some variety for toning the backside!

12 butt workouts

7. Perfect Bubble Butt

I love SkinnyMoms workout plans. There are great videos, tutorials and so much good information to help you work out right!

skinny mom workouts

8. Build a Booty

For those of you that are super hardcore – this booty workout is for you. It is intense and will definitely challenge anyone. 

bulgarian lunge

9. Roast that Rump

Another intense workout that will have you moving all over the place to tone your butt! This workout is from Sworkit!

roast that rump


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