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5 Steps to Start a Clean Eating Lifestyle

5 steps to begin a Clean Eating LIFESTYLEClean eating is a deceptively simple concept. Eating clean means being mindful of a food’s origin and process. Simply put, clean eating means eating “real” food, avoiding processed food and chemicals. Are you ready to start a clean eating lifestyle?

However, clean eating is often mentioned in reference to a diet plan. But let’s not get fooled, this is no diet, this is a lifestyle. Are you ready to make 5 changes to your lifestyle to embrace a clean eating lifestyle?

1. Break up with sugar

Say goodbye to all that refined sugar and sugar substitutes in your diet. This is the hardest part of eating clean for most people. But after a couple weeks you won’t miss it at all. In fact, if you splurge a bit you’ll realize just how awful sugar really makes you feel. And you never notice now because you ALWAYS feel that bad! Your sugar cravings will diminish and you’ll have more energy than before! Goodbye and good riddance to sugar!

How to start eating clean - REALLY helpful post!

2. Toss the processed foods

Eat foods in a more natural state! Avoid the processed foods and sauces. The process and chemicals just isn’t good for you! Can’t completely avoid your favorite condiments? Make your own! If you can’t pronounce the ingredient you shouldn’t be eating it. Try to eat organic and grass fed, when possible.

5 easy steps to begin Clean Eating

3. Eat a lean protein with a complex carbohydrate at every meal 

Pair lean protein with complex carbohydrates at every meal. That means eat some chicken breast, legumes, fish etc. with a whole grain or fresh fruits and veggies. This combo leads to increased energy and fat-burning. Yay! Some people claim that the only “true” clean eating is a vegan diet. Most health experts will disagree but a clean eating lifestyle can be adapted for both vegans and those who eat meat!

TIP 3 - fantastic!!

4. Eat more frequently

Eating small meals every 2-3 hours keeps your body in fat burning mode, increasing your metabolism. It may sound counterintuitive to weight loss but if you’re eating clean you’ll need to eat more frequently. Have your first meal within a half an hour of waking up then eat every two to three  hours all day long. Start with a healthy bowl of oatmeal (not the processed stuff) with fresh fruit and an egg.

Tip 4: Great clean eating tips!

5. Drink water

Stay hydrated and avoid drinking things that aren’t clean. If you’re hydrated with water you’re less likely to reach for the soda you shouldn’t be drinking. Staying hydrated also prevents you from confusing hunger pangs for thirst. Most experts recommend 8 12oz glasses of water a day. Digestion tip? Add half a lemon to a glass of water in the morning.

TIP 5: Drink 8 12oz glasses of water every day!

Are you ready to start planning? You may find these recipes and tips helpful:


  1. Lisa says

    The amount of water for each individual should depend on their weight. I always questioned the eight 12oz glasses a day for both my husband (230 lbs) and me (105 lbs). A nutritionist finally cleared it up for me. Drink half your body weight in ounces each day, more if you are active and exercising. Now that made sense.

  2. Rhonda says

    I looked at this and it said to quit eating sugar. The first recipe I look at has brown and white sugar in it.

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